We empower businesses to ride the wave of their own purpose

Combining purpose with profit

Moxie is an Amsterdam-based creative agency with a global reach. We build and grow purpose-driven companies and use boundless creativity to drive sustainable growth for business, people and planet. Our mission is to make purpose-driven business the norm, by making it easier to start, grow and lead a business doing good.

Established businesses and startups have a great power to help tackle the social and environmental challenges of our time. From public health and wellbeing, social equality and waste management to conserving biodiversity, protecting forests and sustainable agriculture. When their unique ability to innovate and scale is combined with a drive for positive impact, businesses can transform the world.

Moxie stands for courage, confidence and determination. This not only reflects our own way of working, but also our clients’. It takes courage to be creative and innovative, to think differently and stand out from the crowd. We’re here to empower our clients to ride the wave of their own purpose, whilst helping them grow and create waves of positive change.

Purpose-driven marketing is what we do best

We believe that businesses who authentically lead with purpose achieve continued loyalty and relevance in the lives of their customers. Resulting in long-term growth and greater impact. In our view, it all starts with a strong foundation: a Sustainable Business Identity built around a clearly defined purpose. This provides a platform on which you can build profitable solutions to real challenges.

Translating creative concepts into actionable plans

At Moxie, we get creative about designing Sustainable Business Identities and purpose-driven marketing strategies. With a clear focus on profit and impact. We come up with creative concepts that solve complex challenges and translate them into clear, actionable plans.

Meet the team

Strategy & Creative Direction

Ielse Elisabeth Reinders

Art Direction & Design

Luuk van de Ven

Copy & Storytelling

Anne Brugts

Digital Marketing

Noëlle Langeveld

Communication & Content Creation

Matthijs van den Beukel

Creative Internship

Lindsay Bryant

Web Design & Development

Thomas Setiadi

Graphic Design

Alissa van Beek


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