6 purpose-driven leadership skills for more agility and resilience

Art work by Rune Fisker

From driving change and innovation in your industry, to educating customers on how to make better professional decisions or lifestyle choices, to building a loyal team of employees that share the same values…  The opportunities that come with being a purpose-driven company extend far beyond sales numbers. However, these opportunities stand or fall on a company’s strategic and creative communication knowledge and leadership skills.

Effective purpose-driven communication and storytelling rests on a company’s leadership abilities. Whether you’re a global, purpose-led business or a smaller start-up, being prepared, agile, and resilient is key.

Here are 6 purpose-driven leadership skills to help ensure the strength and agility needed to strategically implement and communicate important messages, efforts and learnings, as well as bring value to all stakeholders.

1. Systemic understanding

Understanding the systemic nature and economic flow of business, media, journalism and society helps leaders understand the interconnectedness, so they are able to create impact and change inside and outside their organisation that is sustainable and long-lasting. In an era of connectivity, social sensitivity and chaos, leaders encounter many complex problems and the solutions cannot be reduced to a formula or easy answers. Leadership that focuses on the larger system is about knowing how strengthening the relationships between people and organisations is needed to solve these problems.

2. Expanding courage

It takes courage to be a changemaker, shine a light on (sensitive) systemic issues, and focus on increasing awareness and shifting consciousness. The good news is, the more you face your fears, put yourself out there, make bold decisions and move forward, the more your courage zone expands. Make it a daily practice and soon you’ll be one of the few leaders in the world who is entirely free to create consciously and fearlessly.

3. Shame resilience

Prioritise inner growth and shame resilience (tip: look up Brené Brown’s theory on this) in the leadership team. No outer change can happen without first focusing on inner growth of each individual. Shame resilience results in a higher level of grounding, cognition and consciousness, as well as the ability to create processes that increase innovation, solution thinking, and deeper connections and collaboration. This will not only help you improve the way you handle problem solving and crisis management, but will also help your business grow and innovate. Resilience and perseverance are what winning teams are made of.

4. Changemaking

Changemaking involves empathy, thoughtfulness, creativity, taking action and collaborative leadership. It requires real leadership skills to hold the standards of a higher worldview and remain focused, especially in the case of a communication dilemma or crisis. Our biggest potential positive impact for society and humanity is creating opportunities to evoke deep change by shifting consciousness. This means cultivating enhanced levels of personal and systemic awareness through our own inspired action, communication and purpose-driven storytelling, and useful products or services. 

5. Expect criticism

All change is met with criticism and resistance. Resistance is an important and intrinsic aspect of transforming an industry. Set yourself up for success, and expect criticism and resistance as a wise and grounded expectation. The human mind has the funny, and not always clever, ability to expect a perfectly linear success route, despite our experiences that show the opposite is true.

6. Embrace imperfection

Humility is important. Speak openly about how you handle challenges, which skills you’ve had to learn, which personality traits you’ve had to unlearn, etc. This makes you believable and human, and shared knowledge inspires others. Drop perfection, and embrace imperfection and learning as a process. If you can do this successfully as a leader, you then have the skills to drive communication authentically.

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May 27, 2021

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